April 25-26,2019
Day one morning-Global Industry trends

Day one afternoon to Day two

Stream A-- Drug Substance

Stream B-- Formulation Design and development

Stream C-- Analytical Development and Support

Stream D-- Regulatory Planning Session

Stream E-- BE Studies Session

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Dear Fellow Delegates and Friends:                                                                           

Xiong Yu

It is my immense personal pride and pleasure to introduce this upcoming Generic International Summit scheduled to be held in Shanghai in April 2019.

As we turn our eyes to key trends in the global pharmaceutical industry, the innovator brand companies are still (after 3-4 years) feeling the pains of “2010 Problems” or falling patent cliff. Meanwhile the generic industry has seen major global players in active pursuit of M&A as the industry faces new challenges stemming from the decrease in the number of small molecules drug candidates and the need for development of biosimilars.

Generics industry is passing through a tough and challenging path as we speak. There are numerous opinions and reasons beyond this downfall. The downfall started a few years ago from south and the effect is trickling down to this side of ocean including Asia and China.

We are not here to investigate and go deep into knowing the fundamentals of what went wrong and how but still we need to understand the basic facts behind this so that we can take a lesson and focus on right path to move on. Unless we know of what went wrong we cannot fix our future path.

Amid severe economic problems the world faces today, many countries share a common and thought-provoking need to reduce healthcare spending without hindering common citizen’s access to quality healthcare.

We continue to expect developing countries including China to improve health care provision for their population, given the poor levels of access to various drugs, especially expensive ones. Just to quote an example that last year in China plans were announced to expand the country’s health insurance system to include the treatment of critical illnesses to try to lower catastrophic health costs. Other countries like Thailand, Vietnam and India are implementing programs and initiatives to lower down the health care cost and provide more affordability of health care services including low cost drugs to their public. All these signs and indications are sort of morning alarm for the generic industry especially in Asia to align our focus and initiatives to support these various government initiatives and at the same time be part of leading and elite business group to grow and prosper. As we all know time is money and if we miss or ignore the wake-up call we will never be able to catch up the fast growing and changing business domain.

To be very honest with you, this is the unique generics summit that has required strength and in depth focus of business and technical depth to share and learn. In addition, the organizers have very carefully selected the experienced and seasoned speakers for the event who will be coming over to spend 2 full days with us all and share their past experiences both winning stories and lessons learnt in a hard and tough way. There is a saying life is too short to learn from our own mistakes, the wise person learns from other people’s mistakes and move on in ladder of success and achievements.

I am very confident that the Summit will serve as an ideal opportunity for all participants to mutually share the most updated information and also at the same time to expand their individual network.

So, without saying much further let me ask you to pencil in the Summit dates in your calendar and make sure you attend this event to gain from the exceptional forum and highly experienced speakers from around the world.

I sincerely await and look forward to welcoming every one of you and to hopefully having the opportunity to meet you in person.


                                                                        Xiong Yu                                                            















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