April 25-26,2019
Day one morning-Global Industry trends

Day one afternoon to Day two

Stream A-- Drug Substance

Stream B-- Formulation Design and development

Stream C-- Analytical Development and Support

Stream D-- Regulatory Planning Session

Stream E-- BE Studies Session

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DDF Asia 2013



        MENET(China Medical Economic NET) which found in September.1997,is the first medical information web in China.After 13 years of construction,MENET has grown into a Chinese medical information gateway,to provide the professional authoritative data service in medical industry,to release the latest information in medical and healthcare field timely,to illuminate exclusive view on market and policy,and to make the information value extended and provide the platform for cooperation.


        Shanghai Pharmaceutical Profession Association(SPPA)was founded on January 5,1987. As a professional social organization in the position of legal body of mass organization which is not aimed at gaining economic benefit,it has been organized on the principle of voluntary mainly by enterprises of pharmaceutical industry. It now consists of 230 group members in the fields of chemical pharmaceutical manufacturing, bioengineering, pharmaceutical adjuvant,pharmaceutical packaging material, pharmaceutical machinery, schools and research institutes.

         SPPA's aim is service. The business of SPPA includes providing service of information,drug price,statistics,technology,marketing,exhibition,promotion of strategy of famous-brand products,inspection,exchange,training,research and discussion. According to the principle of "service, communication, and democratic management",SPPA which is in the position of an assistant and a staff officer of the government actively expresses requirements of enterprises to the government, protects the justified rights of enterprises, passes on ideas of the government to enterprises, promotes the idea and practice of "Corporate Social Responsibility" and proceeds self-discipline among all the group members. SPPA has 5 departments: office, technical consultation department, price office, statistic office, and information department.

        SPPA's public periodical: Shanghai Medical and Pharmaceutical Journal. SPPA's private periodicals: Pharmaceutical Reference News, Bulletin of SPPA,Medicines Information Compile and Statistical Analysis Report of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry.


        The Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) of Taiwan is a nonprofit organization founded in 1984. Co-sponsored by government grants and private donations, DCB's purpose is to advance Taiwan's biotech-pharma industry by building infrastructure, developing key technologies, and training talented workforces in coordination with government, industry, and academic institutions. DCB is dedicated to realizing the vision of becoming an "Internationally Outstanding Preclinical Research and Service Institute for Biopharmaceutical Development". This goal is to be achieved by building world-caliber infrastructures, establishing key technologies for preclinical development, and fostering the growth of highly-trained technology and business teams.




        中国化工仪器网专注服务于生化、制药、食品、印染、石化、农业、电力、化工、高校、质检、疾控等专业领域的用户。目前拥有近200万专业注册会员,其中企业会员5万多家,付费会员4000余家;近6万的仪器代理商资源,注册采购商近21万多家;汇集近1700万个图文并茂产品;日均IP16万,日均pv360万,日均订单留言8000余条,收录量3200多万,alexa排名12,662,权重6,PR5 。通过线上平台与线下行业展会等多渠道结合,为用户提供新鲜权威的行业资讯、网络应用技术和互联网营销解决方案,现已成为国内颇具影响力的仪器仪表供求双方交流交易的网上商务平台。



        Lingmed helps pharmaceutical/device industry to improve productivities, make better decisions with intelligence databases. Currently Lingmed is the exclusive partner of EvaluatePharma and Biotechgate in China and GBI Source China’s local market partner. Lingmed databases cover more than 36,000 pharma, medtech and biotech companies, over 45,000 innovative products’ active licensing opportunities. Lingmed databases are the trusted source for life science market intelligence and analysis with exclusive consensus forecasts, which supports life science and healthcare companies in their strategic decision-making. Lingmed also supports oversea innovative assets to enter China market on deal making with local BD professionals.


Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology (IPT) magazine offers in-depth comment and analysis written by experts from within the field. IPT covers the latest developments in drug discovery, laboratory technology, formulation, delivery systems, and other insights and innovations in the field. The magazine also presents sector-specific events, company and individual profiles, and reviews. IPT is a platform for those involved in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to share their ideas with other key industry figures. For further information visit our website


        PharmaVision offers a consultancy service providing high quality, due diligence research and independent, tailor made life science research to pharmaceutical companies, competitive intelligence specialists, investment institutions and healthcare communication agencies. We collate primary research from in-depth interviews with key opinion leaders and stakeholders and combine this with detailed scientific analysis and market modeling to forecast the potential growth of key developmental products and technologies and to assess the challenges and opportunities which surround this specialist sector. For further information visit our website or contact Cheryl on +44 (0) 1243 785496 or via email


        Pharma China ( is the most trusted English media and business intelligence service covering the Chinese pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical industry and market.

        Pharma China caters for the growing needs of the international pharmaceutical industry for up-to-date and insightful information and intelligence on China's burgeoning but increasingly complex healthcare marketplace, and is subscribed by most multinational pharmaceutical companies, leading CROs, investment banks and consulting firms active in China as well as relevant industry associations and government agencies.

        Pharma China Journal Edition (monthly in PDF and Print)

        Pharma China Web Edition (continuously-updated news, in-depth commentaries and online databases)

        China Pharmaceutical Guide (the most comprehensive and authoritative reference for China's healthcare sector)


        DXY is the largest online academic portal for five million Chinese physicians and life science professionals, with average daily page views of 1.8 millions. It was established in 2000 and it has over three million registered members now.

        DXY features 100+ columns to facilitate communication, information sharing and collaboration of medical professionals within practically all sub-specialties of clinical medicine, basic medical research, life sciences, and pharmaceutical sciences.

        DXY has already helped over 700 pharmaceutical companies, life science companies and marketing survey companies to reach Chinese physicians and scientists in the past five years.


        Bio-equip is a professional website which provides the information of equipments, consumables, chemical reagents and experimental animals in life science. Our website which takes full advantage of the most up-to-date computer technologies and networks offers the most all-round and considerate service in the information of biology equipments for not only institutes, universities, labs in hospitals but also scientists in bio-engineering and bio-medicine industries and suppliers of lab equipments who would be exposed to comprehensive and well-timed market information to compare the different products in function and price and promote the development of scientific research and industry.


        GBI is an information, applications, and services company focused on the healthcare industry. Leveraging data from across the healthcare value chain, GBI creates web and mobile applications that enable individuals and organizations to make better decisions and communicate more effectively.


        BioonGroup was established since 2001. Now it has become the first Chinese media platform and professional service provider of biological medicine industry. Relying on the Internet, BioonGroup can provide consulting research, industry analysis, brand packaging, product promotion, human resources,conference planning and comprehensive service system for enterprises, research and development institutions, universities, parks and the government of biological medicine industry. BioonGroup contains six websites(,,,,, core database of biological medicine industry, so we can provide the leading, accurate, efficient service systems and solutions.

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